To consistently create a better life and solutions for everyone based on high-quality standards and cost-efficient products and become a key and trustworthy player in leading the industry with our solid medical background and expertise, driven by innovation, quality, and competence.
To foster the health care of our community. That is, by delivering innovative and premium products and a variety of high standards healthcare services. Thus, improving the health status of the population. While incessantly retaining our core values of integrity, good ethics, and commitment as part of our identity and what we offer.

Majestic is a global company renowned for its visionary ideas and cutting-edge developments in the medical field.

It started in Egypt and swiftly expanded its operations to the United Kingdom and the United States. Its innovative and high-quality solutions allow the company to evolve and meet its customers’ needs uniquely. Given its in-depth expertise and extensive knowledge in the medical area, the company forged the principles of creating and supplying premium products based on the compliance and alignment of FDA and WHO standards. Thus, fulfilling the market needs effectively. Its core strategy is rooted in its constant optimization of individual healthcare and the society at large. That is, to protect, maintain, and improve the health of the community.


Word Of CEO

“At Majestic, we aim to always be patient-centric, drive a high-performance culture while putting science at the heart of what we do and remaining true to our values and our purpose; to help people do more, feel better, look and live better”